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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to transcription and phone-in services, Rider & Associates, Inc. in Vancouver, WA is the preferred service provider for most clients. We offer the best technical support and assistance at any time. However, there are many FAQs about our services. We have answered all of them below. Please take a look.

Does Rider & Associates, Inc. charge to download copies of previous dictations?
No. Copies of previous dictations can be downloaded anytime at no cost.

How long are transcriptions archived?
We can archive our client's transcribed files indefinitely upon request.

Does Rider & Associates, Inc. offer discounts based on volume?
Yes. If your anticipated volume exceeds our pre-defined thresholds, we offer
volume discounts.

What is your turn-around time?
Our standard turn-around time is 24 hours; however, we can accommodate
STAT requests.

What is the phone-in dictation number?
The toll-free number to phone-in dictation is 866-328-2228. You will need your unique user ID and PIN to access the command menu.

Technical Support

Our service works closely with our technical support team to provide seamless communication and complete solutions tailored to meet the needs of each client, transcriptionist and editor. We are uniquely positioned to provide the healthcare, legal and corporate industries with a full spectrum of information technology products and services, backed by an unparalleled depth of industry experience.
We work hand-in-hand with our clients to enhance their success by combining the power of our domain expertise, infrastructure, technology and world-class customer service.

We also recognize that your operations demand an organization that provides accountability and assistance at any time, not just during normal business hours. Our Technical Support department is available at any time to assist you with problems, issues and questions you may have.

Phone Support: 800-869-0864

Email Support: support@riderandassociates.com

One of our support representatives will contact you within the next 24 hours.

Need Help? Call Us 

Do not hesitate to call us if you are facing some issues in using our
transcription services.